Band Info:



Origin:  Virginia Beach, VA


Genres:  Rock infused reggae


Years Active:  2015- Present


Website: IrieVive.com

Latest Album: Bout' Time



Just a short Bio:

IrieVive got its start in Virginia Beach, VA back in 2015! Along the years, the band has been able to accommodate multiple genres to fuse a new and genuine sound. Consisting of 5 multi-instrument members, the band has been able to write material from different perspectives allowing for each track to tastefully deliver a different, yet energy packed sound! On Stage IrieVive has always been nothing less than a group of guys that deliver every bit of their feelings through the instruments they hold , allowing for a performance that keeps the venue moving!


Set List

Tech Rider

Hospitality Rider


Management: Kody Shrader | Kodybonesirie@gmail.com


Booking: Ryan Nocon | Irievivemusic@gmail.com

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